An ISO 9001 / TS 16949 : 2016 company through Engineering technology as a combination of man, machine and material. For superior product quality, it is essential for a manufacturer to make the best blend of these three factors. Bhor Engineering Private Limited was established about a decade ago with this simple principle and a drive to take up challenges, meet customer demands and go beyond in adding value and building relationships.

Bhor composting machine

composting is totally natural & biological process

Bhor composting machine is fully automatic machine that decomposes all kind of organic waste in to compost within 20hrs

85 to 90% volume reduction of waste is achieved

entire process is noiseless & odorless

our product is totally eco friendly

Composting Elements

Non Composting Elements


Quality is our habit

Operational Excellence

Customer Satisfaction

Environmental Protection

Employee Development

uses of
composting machine

Housing societies



Industry Canteens


Benefits of
composting machine

Eco - friendly

Easy operation

User's safety

Life enhancing

Touch screen display