Bhor Engineering Private Limited (BEPL) has developed innovative Waste to water machines which ultimately converts solid waste into useful water. Now, this solid waste could be any form of organic food waste, and the water which comes out, as a result, will be a certified nutrient liquid which is in high demand for household use, public waste water disposal system and for agriculture and horticulture purposes. The sample: Discharged water from WRRS (Food Waste Decomposer). The discharged water is tested and certified by “Korean Testing and Research Institute”.


  • Prevent Diseases
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Tax Benefits
  • Save Money
  • Use discharged water in kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardening, Toilets, laundry, etc.


  • Rapid Performance
  • Long Working Life and Powerful
  • Quick and Easy
  • Fully Automatic with one Touch Control
  • Take all types of organic waste
  • Output takes 20 Hrs.
  • No Labour
  • Up to 90% volume reduction
  • Noise Free, Odour-Free
  • Compact Machine
  • Safe for human handling
  • No Harmful Gases
  • No Methane Gas Releases
  • No Draining
  • No Venting
  • No Additives
  • Very good Design
  • Life of 20+ years
  • Maintenance Free Machine
  • Less Consumption of Electricity
  • Automatic Switch-Off for Overload


  • Bhor Waste to Water Machine is Fully Automatic. It dissolves all kind of Organic Waste into Water within 20 hrs. This entire process is Noiseless and Odorless.
  • Machine has a tank with toughened & corrosion resistance Stainless Steel Material, water inlet pipe and Drainage water outlet.
  • Properly Segregated Organic Waste to be added in the Machine Tank.
  • As Waste is added in the Machine Tank and adds water in the machine, moisture in the waste is sensed by the Humidity Sensor. It turns the Heater on & tank gets heated. As a result water vapours drain through the Drain pipe in liquid form.
  • 85 to 90 % Volume Reduction of Waste is achieved and at same time Micro Organisms turns the Waste into waters in Just 20 Hrs.
  • Plastic Bags OR Paper is added in the machine, it can be removed easily as it will come out from machine without any processing.
  • Waste to Water Process is Totally Natural & Biological Process.


  • Hard Material like Big Bones , Coconut Shell OR Metal Parts added in the machine tank ,it can damage the Blades & also the Tank . Hence any inorganic or non-compostable items are strictly prohibited.